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about us


I am 4'11 and when I first started my health journey, I weighed over 250lb. As a full time high school English teacher and a mother with two young kids, my own health was not a priority. On a whim, (or fate), I decided to visit a HIIT/boot camp style gym (Body Evolution in Newark, CA) and met some amazing people and personal trainers. A few weeks after I started, my trainer introduced me to macros and meal prepping and my entire life changed.


I have been using macros to guide my meal prepping for 3 years and as you can imagine, after a few weeks, I was tired of eating chicken breast and broccoli. I decided to get creative and began to change my own recipes or try new receipts to fit my macros. 


Macrolicious Meals means so much to me because it is not only helping me continue on my weight loss journey, and now I get to share this experience and good food with you all along the way. Thank you for letting me cook for you. I hope you can taste the love in every bite. 

How it works

Menu info:

Our menu has three categories:

  1. Classics

  2. Specials

  3. Breakfast

1. Classics stay the same weekly.

They are available for Wednesday or Sunday delivery. 


2. Specials and Breakfast change every week.

They are only available for Sunday delivery. 


How to order:

You can order as many or as little as you'd like.

Orders for Wednesday's delivery are open until Monday

at 10pm.

Orders for Sunday's delivery are open until Thursday at 10pm.


Delivery (Fremont to San Leandro) is offered for orders of 5 or more for $8.

The first delivery is free.

Delivery is between 4:30-8:30 pm.


Pick up:

Pick up on Wednesday is between 6-8pm in Union City.

Pick up on Sunday is between 6-8pm in San Leandro.

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