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Catering For Food Lovers

Black & Orange loves hosting all types of corporate, private, and large events and offers something unique for every occasion.

They have built their team to provide you with a refreshingly relaxed and unique experience.

Barbecue, grilling, smoking, and other natural cooking methods are also versatile and provide a bold flavour perfect for many different dishes. From a Texas-style BBQ platter with ribs, brisket and pulled pork to a grazing table and cured meat and cheese platter that combine different influences.
The possibilities are limitless.

Black & Orange is committed to making your event special in every way.

Whenever possible, they choose local, organic and seasonal produce and take care to prepare only naturally and sustainably raised meats and seafood, and select their ingredients from local farms and suppliers.


               Smoking Delicious

smoker bbq B&O.jpg
Image by Keith Misner

Hot Smoking

All of our delicious meats are Manuka/Kanuka smoked in our custom

16 foot smoker.
The smoke adds a subtle but unmistakable hint of fire and smoke that brings back the overwhelming, comforting and ancient flavours of real outdoor cooking

Image by Keith Misner

Cold Smoked Meat

The basis for delicious smoked meat is

good quality meat, which we source from

sustainable farms in New Zealand.

The process of cold smoking takes several days and several months of ageing.
Our smoked and cured ham (Schinken) is

low-fat, lightly salted and traditionally cured, smoked and dried.

The traditional way to serve this ham is thinly sliced and served on a wooden board with a hearty bread.

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